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When is Animal Extended Version Ott Release

by Sivakumar

Animal : One of the biggest hits in 2023 collected over 900+crores worldwide, it’s the second film for director Sandeep reddy vanga to achieve this.

In recent interviews; Sandeep Reddy Vanga mentioned, that I am working on a special copy for Netflix by adding an extra 8 minutes (director cut) for the OTT version. On 26th January Animal movie was released on Netflix, but there is no extended version [director cut] of it; the theater version it’s self-released in ott. The main reason why they didn’t release the director cut; in 2023 from December Netflix streaming platform decided to stream only the version certified by the censor board.

They’ve stopped streaming uncut versions, director’s cuts, adding extra footage for only Indian films. If they want to release the director’s cut or extended version in ott; they need to go for censor again with the added extra footage, this might have a chance to release in OTT but not 100% sure.

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