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Family Star Movie New Release Date Locked.

by Sivakumar

Vijay Devarakonda; Family Star Movie was initially planned for sankranthi 2024; but later due to shoot delay and also sankranthi over-crowded releases they’ve decided to postpone.

Recently; the first pan-india movie to release in 2024 Jr. NTR Devara movie got postponed, due to Saif Ali Khan shoulder injury movie team was unable to complete the remaining shoot; and also Andhra Pradesh elections are scheduled in april itself. Meanwhile; Vijay Deverakona Family Star movie decided to release on 5th April, while devara optioned to postpone and for Vijay devarakonda this will be an absolute freaking best date ever.

After the salaar movie 29th September 2023 missed its best release date with no competition and a long weekend advantage; similarly now Devara missed the 5th April best date with a solid weekend. If the Family Star movie has truly solid content; they have a gotta jackpot really in their hands, a film directed by Parasuram with the female lead Mrunal Thakur produced by Dilraju.

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