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R Chandru Upendra Kabzaa 2 is coming for us.

by Sivakumar

One of the biggest disasters and was heavily inspired by KGF film, and the output was like a spoof for KGF. Kabzaa was released worldwide on 17th March directed by R Chandru and produced by himself.

On its release day itself, opened with negative reviews and audiences called it a KGF spoof from across india; ended up with a huge loss for the director. But now director R Chandru is not giving up; even though people rejected part 1. Therefore, recently with an official press-meet director announced Kabzaa 2; along with four other movies under his own production house.

Kabzaa 1 ended up, where Kicha Sudeep came with his huge police force to attack Arkeshwara [upendra] palace; in between the police force and Arkeshwara palace; a lot of jeeps with a small army came in suddenly led by Shiva Raj Kumar.

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