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Weekend; Hollywood News roundup.

by Sivakumar

After the successful Avatar Franchise Part 1, the biggest global hits and Part 2 also. In the meantime for the third instalment, it’s taking more time; James Cameron into a heavy post-production for ‘2 years’ and Avatar 3 will released on 19th Dec, 2025. This third part will introduce “Ash People” which will be represented as a fiery and volcanic biome.

A piece of Good and bad news for marvel fans; we’ve seen one of the greatest of all-time performances from Oscar Issac in Moon Knight Series Season one; and now the marvel getting ready for season two, right now at the development stage. And the bad news is ‘She-Hulk’ season 2 is at the writing stage to bring a new season; you all know the response from the audience ‘trolled’ a lot about CG,VFX and hulk serum worthless characters, dum screenplay; hope they should not bring the season 2.

Chris hemsworth is in talks to retur for THOR 5, but recent thor love and thunder was like a kid’s movie; even our chiris hemsworth accepeted that. But fans and audience are excepting ‘Thor Ragnork’ kind of action, powerfull villain with a solid script; hope they come back strong this time.

Venom 3, and Dead Pool 3 currently shoot going on. Therefore; [Shang Chi 2, Spider-Man 4, Dead Pool3, and Fantastic Four] excepted, all upcoming four movies will set the ground for the ‘Avenger Secret Wars’. Shang Chi 2 will be the pre-production in the 2 years and Dead Pool 3 is the most important film for the current saga.

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