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Most Popular Anime NARUTO coming live-action

by Sivakumar

The Live Action culture is getting bigger; slowly makers are choosing to make the most popular anime into LIVE-ACTION. It all began with the super hit ‘ONE-PIECE’ live-action from netflix; it’s a huge success & got a very good reception from the audience, and also gotta confidence for other makers also.

And they’ve also announced one more live-action “Avatar The Last Air Bender” as a series coming to your home on 22nd February, 2024. The teaser was an instant hit, globally the audience was surprised by the Quality; the they pulled off for live-action adaption with perfect casting. In this list one more popular Anime joins the list, it’s “NARUTO” getting ready for live-action at [Lions Gate] but not as a series; it’s getting developed as a film. Hope they will also come up with best output.

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