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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 12th Week Dual Elimination

by Sivakumar

Very interesting on point nominations but few are asusal silly at sky high. Ashwini self-nominated it’s good and being genuine; rather than nominating with silly points like Tasty Teja all the time, and Yawar steel the show with his points. You guy’s don’t have any points to nominate, every body targeting on the video shown by nag sir. I’ve realized and gave back the eviction pass without hesitating even a minute but as a sanchalak, what have you done by not concentrating here?


The biggest cheap behaviour by Shoba, priyanka, and amar THE STAR MAA GROUP. Nagarjuna asked to raise their hands; about the eviction pass is worthy or not for yawar: [amar, shoba raised their hands normally but priyanka didn’t] Suddenly Shoba gave a signal with her shoulder to raise her hand. This is called a cheap group game 🫠

Not only that, here is one mind-blowing twist: recently BB gave a secret task to Shivaji and from shivaji too priyanka. Priyanka told to Yawar go to the bathroom and confuse them, and immediately shared the information with shoba “don’t go to the bathroom otherwise you’ll be dead”. Is this how you should play a secret task 😂🤣 saving your star maa group contestant.

And here comes the sympathy Star Amar Deep; a crying star gaining sympathy among the audience ‘last week can’t bare and this week repeating the same formula’. For captaincy without giving tough fights in the task, being a captain in the house is not an easy thing; you should earn it by giving tough fights. Not by crying all the time with no hard work please leave it, I want to become captain.

Kudo’s to yawar: on straight with perfect points and kept his WORD for Ajrun when shivaji asked; other housemates are good, except star maa group trying their best to push hard for AMAR captancy. But there is no use; because there will be no captain next week and the task will be there for Ticket to finale.

You all know Yawar gave back the Eviction Pass and also BB gave another task to house-mates; and Prashanth earned it, and here comes the big-blow for that. It’s ‘Double Elimination’ this week, one will be eliminated on saturday and 2nd contestant on Sunday. Nominated contestants are (shivaji, Prashanth, Arjun, Amar deep, Ashwnini, Rathika, Gautham, and yawar); we didn’t see anything from Ashwini this week. Her presence is very low (didn’t get a huge opportunity to gain the impression from the audience) even investigation task didn’t help her much she is eliminated from the house on the saturday.

The bad part is, that she was eliminated by herself choosing the wrong move ‘self-nominated’ in nominations; doesn’t have any reason to nominate other housemates. Sometimes being good, also was not good 🥲🫠. The 2nd contestant will be out by using ‘Eviction Pass’ that’s the twist it’s Rathika; Eliminated From bigg boss 7 telugu in TV the result will be showing on sunday.

And the Second strong group in Bigg Boss;

Head Shivaji, left and right Yawar, prashanth. A heavy war between the Star Maa batch and this group; trying very hard when they got a chance to eliminate or dominate etc, shivaji cleverly played a mind game. A cheap behavior from Prashanth with Ashwini’s tongue slip (curse words) when they were in the investigation taks as ghosts. Other side Shivaji played two side game with Amar & Arjun; by breaking promise in the captaincy on the same day and given support for Arjun, when he promised to arjun’s wife.

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