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Salaar Story Line: KGF Connection? Etc.

by Sivakumar

Prashanth Neel and Prabha’s upcoming film Salaar after the postpone from 28th Sep; due to unfinished work, after the hectic post-production work from the past 2 months they are all set for 22nd Dec to release across the world.

The release is getting closer; production house begining the promotions from 1st Dec with the Trailer, and in the part of promotion director ‘Prashanth Neel’ recently revealed a lot of intersting regarding Salaar movie. Salaar is a story of TWO friends, who became the biggest enemies and friendship is the core emotion of the film. We didn’t wanted split into two parts; while I’am writing the story ‘organicly’ it went upto 6 hours of story; So in the two instalments you will be seeing the journey of friend’s turned into enimies.

And Salaar is a different world like KGF, it has its world and own characters, and emotions; from the first frame itself in the film, we’ve set the tone. After hearing the words of Prashanth Neel, the content including posters that they’ve released till now; it’s clear and established everything. Prabhas in a Dual role ( one with a normal full beard and the other one is the mustache); same as Prithvi Raj Sukumaran, one is a younger version and the second is the last of the teaser just a little very minor aged character taking over his father’s place.

We are going to witness the blood bath rivalry between, two close friends who turned into biggest enemies; and with a lot of layers in the film. Additional information; Simart Kaur done a speical song in the film, her last work in telugu is Dirtry Hari film.

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