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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 13th Week Elimination

by Sivakumar

Mixed of emotions carried this week thoroughly by the housemates, not one contestant everybody has realized their mistakes; except Shoba and Amar.

Firstly Hat’s Off to Arjun winning the Ticket to finale with his hardwork without having anybody’s support. And we can call him with a new title called “BEGGER” star Amar Deep throughout the week whenever he gets a chance to ask other teammates for their points, keep on asking with a sad face, the only reason why he is in the top in most of the task’s (Shivaji and Shoba) failed in their task’s and BB told to give their points to one of the housemates: so, after a long discussion they gave to Amar.

Not only that he even played a foul game in the blind taks, without any hesitation he straight away face to face talking to yawar. The same happens even with Prashanth, Amar talking with Prashanth by touching with his hand on prashanth shoulder note: by wearing a blind elastic band where you can’t see through it . But at a moment in the task, he just lifted the band slightly to see from it. A lot of moments are there where you can see him clearly, AMAR fouled in this blind task game. Shoba also directly asked how could you talk to Yawar face to face straight forward; but she didn’t disqualify him in this game.

Later again he is jealous of priyanak; for not giving her points to him. Later amar did emotional blackmail thoroughly, keeping his face like “why are you not supporting me” 🤣😂 Piryanaka went through a lot of mental stress this week after that task; that could be one of the reasons she told to gautham to give his points to amar. But Gautham took a stand, do not bother priyanka again ‘miss understanding’ on his face to amar.

The clean bowled moment this week from Piryanaka, amar casually saying “Thank god after 12 weeks I am in the top position for Tick to Finale”. Immediately Priyanka said; No you are not, we kept you in the 1st position; you guys need to see Amar’s face at that moment 😂🤣. Priyanka is right; without (shivaji,shoba,priyanak & gautham) their points there is not even a single %% for AMAR to be in first place.

But at last, Arjun earned like a ROCKSTAR without having anybody help in the task ♥️🔥; the crying and begging succeed for a chance, Amar Deep will be captain for the next week but there will be no immunity for him that’s a surprise for audience. Therefore; this week Gautham Krishna is eliminated from Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, everybody has their own perspective like that in our’s Gautham got less fan base among the nominated contestants, that could be one of the reason to be eliminated. And we know priyanka and Gautham are close, even to share fan votes to gautham, priyanaka is also in the nomination. What’s your thought’s on gautham elimination?

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