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Kantara A Legend Chapter 1; Prequel First Look

by Sivakumar

Rishba Shetty and Hombale are back after a year of intense pre-production work for the Prequel of Kantara and titled “Kantara a Legend Chapter 1”. The only film, that made immense profit in entire 2022; with a cost of 20-25crores of budget; and collected over 500crores worldwide (in medium budget films).

And we will be seeing some new characters; in this prequel and the production house officially released First Look Teaser in seven languages including English Audio. Such an incredible piece of art ‘Kantara A Legend Chapter 1’ from Rishab Shetty, a perfect prequel and set’s the bar high for the Pan India audience. A beast, divine god mak-over; the story revolves around 345-350 CE ‘ERA’ from Karnataka a royal family ruled in that period.

And there is a text in the glimpse called, ‘During The Reign Of Kadambas’: Reign means Rule. So, when people are occupying the places and destroying ‘A Legend Was Born’ to save them and Rishab Shetty in the avatar of Varaha (Beast Avatar) and taken a referece of Parashuram GOD; We can see him wearing Rudhrakshamala and Thrishulam, AXE as his wepons. Kadamabas means as we mentioned at the top ( a royal family from Karnataka ruled in that period ).

There is only one question/doubt here, is there any connection between the actual part of Kantara or this prequel [Kantara A Legend Chapter 1]; is completely different with the fresh concept and its new culture “dive god”. Need to find this out in theaters.

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