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Devara Postpone Depends On Two Things.

by Sivakumar

After RRR; the most prestigious project of NTR, including for koratala siva for his recent big backlash of Acharya. And more additional pressure; from a long there is a sentiment. After completing a project with rajamouli for any hero, Their next film will be a flop; so Koratala needs to break the all odds for once and also for ntr it’s not new, like working with a director who has a big disaster.

Recently Saif Ali Khan who is playing the villain role in Devara besides NTR, had a shoulder injury and halted shooting; also a piece of news circulated that devara has been postponed from 5th april. Well, Release depends on two things, at the same time both must and stood need to be on the same boat or it will sink. Saif Ali Khan currently undergoing surgery in Mumbai if the doctor says you need to take rest for more than 2 months or 1 and half month; devara will be postponed they can’t finish the shooting. On the other side, if the elections are happing in April (Andhra Pradesh) movie will be postponed.

So; as mentioned above both things are nothing standing on the same boat; so the release was postponed. After having surgery, if the doctor suggests to take rest for 2 &half weeks; you can get back to shooting. The remaining portion of Saif Ali Khan will be completed; at the same time, if the luck is on your side and the Andhra Pradesh elections are not happening in april, devara will be released on time 5th April.

Note : if none of them arent’ on the same boat release will be in trouble.

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