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LCU Short film is coming with Leads.

by Sivakumar

We all know Lokesh kangaraj started LCU ( lokesh kangaraj cinematic universe ) with kaithi later interlinked with Vikram, and also connected with his recent film LEO.

But the worst work of lokesh kanagaraj is LEO, The audience hugely disappointed with the forced LCU connections in Leo; that too with the weakest villains & taking characters for granted and the major drawback it’s the remake of ‘History of Violence’ the 1st half of leo. The second half went on with one line about whether Parthiban is LEO OR NOT with the weakest villains. After the film releases DOP of Leo, revealed that the flashback in leo is fake; with that statement nothing makes any sense of the flash back character’s like ‘Harold and Antony Das’ later movie team tried their best to cover up this entire shit.

So like this different statements from movie team members created a lot of confusion about leo movie; and everything went wrong with leo but fans always go with senseless logic less connections; which doesn’t make any sense. Lokesh kanagaraj also accepted his worst of weakest villains and drawback in the 2nd half. In that scenario lokesh kanagaraj was shot around 15/20 days after the Leo film was released; in this LCU SHORT FILM lokesh kanagaraj will elaborate on the LCU including a few doubts. The announcement will be coming in a month.

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