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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Winner Results Out.

by Sivakumar

The worst season ever in Bigg Boss telugu, this was the only season Bigg Boss team being too much favourable for their star maa contestants.

Anyways and thank god; the bigg boss team was genuine atleast for once the last week’s Shoba elimination 😅. Coming to Bigg Boss 7 telugu finale week results; Arjun stands at the 6th position and Priyanka at the 5 Position; whereas Yawar is at the 4th Position but the twist is, him self came out from the house.

Yawar Took a 15 Lakhs ‘cash price’ briefcase and came out from the house, and coming to the top 3 contestants. Shivaji stands in 3rd place; this was completely unfair from the BB team, shivaji is far better than the cunning, foul gamer, food thief, beggar star amardeep. Even in the final results also; BB showing their baised love to star maa serial actor Amar deep but he will definitely cry on the stage.

Amar deep stands at 2nd position as runner of Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu; ( not a worthy contestant for this position) & the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 is Pallavi Prashanth. Right now at this moment, Amar’s deep face will be price less expression for the audience, when pallavi prashanth lifting up the cup. Because amar deep doesn’t like Pallavi Prashanth from thebeginningg onwards; showing a lot ofhate ratee and doing target nominations. When shoba came out from the BB house; in the buzz interview host revealed with video proof,thate they are targeting contestants with pre-planned groupisim nominations. Shoba was unable to answer the questions and repeating ( telidhu, gurthuledhu, marchipoya ) for every solid question.

At the same time Pallavi prashanth is also not a 100% worthy contestant for the TROPHY; because he used “Farmer” Raithu Bibba emotional sentiment from the beginning onwards with rude behavior, but later at some point of time when shivaji started giving advice’s slowly he changed his behavior & game a lot, by chance if shivaji is not in this season the scenario will be completely different.


In my opinion, Yawar is the worthy contestant for the CUP; he came from zero and earned a lot of love from the audience without losing his character in BB house. Gave the atmost tough fight to the contestant’s in the task’s and taught a lesson in nominations with his solid points and shut their mouths. Even though everybody makes mistakes but the one who realizes and accepts it, he’s the real winner. Just an example, when nagarjuna showed the video of balancing ball task; that yawar by mistake did a foul by touching it.

With no matter of time the most valuable Eviction Pass for a contestant; he gave back after knowing he made a mistake. A pure soul with no ego; rises his voice when it needs and supports the right contestant when it needs.

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