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Facts Of Salaar should know before watching

by Sivakumar

Salaar is all set to release on 22nd December with the clash of Dunki. But before watching the salaar you need to shape your mind that, this is going to be something different.

Prashanth Neel Revealed; that there will be no duet songs with Shruthi Hassan other than that she got an important role in the film and the film is focused on a huge DRAMA with the core emotion of friendship. Generally Prashanth Neel previous films got a pure commercial set vibe with few songs love track, drama, and action; but in salaar, the focus is on complete drama.

The Salaar is set in the period of today’s timeline, whereas; the KGF timeline is set in 80’s and there is no connection between salaar and kgf, I am not capable of connecting the two worlds and making it very clear there is no connection b/w salaar and kgf. Therefore; Salaar part 1 ends with a FLIP of a character ARC and Salaar Part 2 end’s with a more interesting on a exciting note, and yet I don’t know when I’ll begin the shoot of Salaar Part 2

Regarding the DARK theme of my movies; when I look at the back of my films at one point of time. I’ve personally realized that I have OCD about color pallet, and that I generally didn’t like to come up with more colors.

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