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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Third Week Elimination.

by Sivakumar

From the last two weeks; the bigg boss house is one fire with Power Asthra taks and surprises. We’ve all seen Rathika; the utmost cunning face twisting sides. Yawar, continuously loosing chances due to unfair Not valid points in the task’s with housmates, and amar wasting all the opportunities from the begin of Power asthra tasks.

Daringly Priyanka utilised the hari-cut task opportunity and became the contender. But later (Priyanka, Shoba) both of them broke the rule in task, week contender should leave the task. Therefore; both selected strong contender Yawar and removed him from the task, completely unfair even though Sanchalak Sandeep didn’t respond properly.

Therefore; at the of the week audience; wasn’t satisfied with Dhamini’s performance this week and she is eliminated, the only opportunity she had to gain more attention was Chin’s task with Yawar. But along with Tej, Rathika, and Dhamini couldn’t beat yawar in the chin task. That’s the only opportunity had for Dhamini in this entire week to gain more ” a sudden ” attention from the audience, she tried her best. Things didn’t fall into her place yawar gave tough competition & dhamini did grab/audience aren’t satisfied with here performence.

The silent man Tasy Teja a ZERO performance in the Chin task didn’t gave a proper support to them.

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