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Sankranthi out of control with theater issues.

by Sivakumar

Sankranthi is one of the biggest festival; for movie lovers especially for the producers to gain humongous profits in the festival season of their films.

A total of six films; are currently in the sankranthi race which is now, overburdened for the screens to distribute the films. The list of films coming on sankranthi ( Guntur Kaaram, Hanuman, Aalayaan DUB, Naa Saami Ranga, Eagle and Vijay Deverakonda Parusuram ). Once Dilraju said; for the sankranthi festival we can manage three films with no theater screen issues. But now it seems highly overburden on the theaters, it will definitely effect few films on the collections with no doubt. For Guntur Kaaram, Hanuman and VD movie produced by dil raju; for these films there might not have a problem and there remainig will face theaters count issues.

It all depends on the Buzz created around the film at sky level till the release with promising output, the less buzz films will face a big problem. So the movie teams need to keep it in mind if they are coming to the sankranthi competation every output content which is coming out needs to take care a lot and mustly need to satisfy the audience. Then only audience easly perfer to go with promising output films, later after release with Word of mouth; the situtaion will be different after a week.

But the initial first week is highly important mainly in the festival season; let’s seen which of those films are going to sastisfy the audience.

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