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Sankranthi 2024 Messed-up with 9 Movies Clash.

by Sivakumar

Sankranthi is one of the biggest festivals in telugu states; to put huge numbers in front of the box office. But when it gets overburden, for the theater screens and for the audience which movie we need to choose, when it crosses a limit; will end up with a loss venture for lot of movies.

This time 2024 Sankranthi seems like; the biggest clash ever with overburden, a total of 9 films coming this sankranthi. But the shocking fact is, none of the producers are backing up not even compromising and going for another date. Just have a look at the list

Guntur Kaaram, Hanuman, Family Star, Eagle, Naa Saami Ranga, Saindhav, Ayalaan DUB, Lal Salaam DUB, Captain Miller DUB. One thing is very clear, for dubbed films theaters will be at single digit’s; and our telugu producers will definately feel bad after the results of the clash.

I’ll make it very simple and clear to understand, recently at Dussehra festival Hyped movie LEO with LCU advantage took over the lead; Bhagavanth kesari somehow managed to survive. But the late release Tiger Nageswara Rao, ended up with a loss venture and theaters screens also didn’t distribute properly for Tiger. So; with just three releases on Dussehra, a huge damge happend for the late release and also theater screens are insufficient, just imagine the mess that is going to happen for Sankranthi.

So after looking at recent clash results, why producers aren’t backing off and coming up with clash and getting affected with collections ??? Ego Overconfident???

The production house, who are satisfying with its content and generating an impactful buzz in the audience; those movies will only survive for this Sankranthi. Even after the release, the movies that are getting average reports those movies need to go for SHED ( means with loss venture ). If you are releasing a film with zero compitation and it’s getting average reports might get a decent collection, but like this with overcrowded competition, it gets washed out in a day.

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