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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 10th Week Elimination.

by Sivakumar

We’ve seen, one of the hilarious nominations this week; while the contestants are completing their nominations, the other side rajamath’s/judges are fighting 😂. But at the end of the nominations, it is very clear ‘shoba and priyanka’ showing favoritism to Amar.

Family episodes always stand in a special place, and in teacher & student task/game it’s good entertainment, Arjun stands in a special place. Coming to the captaincy taks ‘Ashwagandha sorry Gautham unnecessarily screaming on Sivaji’ because Arjun, gautham & sivaji while running for the doll in the task.

Arjun and Gautham discussed a plan; before running for the doll along with sivaji, but when Sivaji picked Gautham’s doll their plan got messed up. So, your plan didn’t work and unnecessarily making noise and grabbing attention. Therefore; it’s time for the 10th week of elimination, everybody was irritated at the beginning with his behavior, but later everybody enjoyed his entertainment. Surprisingly, from the wild card entry till now on this day we’ve seen a lot of difference in the way he mentions solid points at sometimes; and the way he deals few contestant’s in their own way.

But unfortunately this week; bhole didn’t get a huge opportunity to impress the audience to set a huge audience base with his performance. Bhole was eliminated from Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu; didn’t hurt anybody from the beginning, but was an irritating character initially, but later turned into a solid entertainer.

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