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Viva Harsha Sundaram Master Review

by Sivakumar

A social teacher named Sundar Rao (Harsha Chemudu) was sent to the rural area to teach English. How do the villagers who speak English treat him? What ultimately takes place?

The director should have kept the narrative more exciting and fast-paced, especially in the second part, to keep the audience interested even though the story’s simplicity is understandable.

The film’s humorous charm captures the audience in the first half for just a few scenes; the english teaching proceedings don’t work at all and dragged it to a certain level where you get irritated. And the slow-moving second part loses its humor and shifts into a social message. Unfortunately, there are several poorly done emotional scenes in the second half that are felted doing it forcedly. Additionally, certain scenes feel unnatural and could have been done better.

Harsha Chemudu succeeds, giving a performance full of humor and sensitive acting. Remaining actors performences feels okay. Production Quality is Good.

A Bronze Star

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