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Drishyam Movie Remake in English Hollywood

by Sivakumar

Drishyam is the only movie; that is remade in several languages and going international. Drishyam is a Malayalam film directed by Jeethu Joseph and the two parts are hugely successful and also have plans for the third part.

Drishyam was remade in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and in last year Aashirvad Cinemas announced a Korean remake also; and today Panorama production house who produced in hindi has bought the international rights of Drishyam two parts.

In the meanwhile; Panorama going to RE-MAKE in Hollywood ‘English’ by collaborating with U.S companies. And also have plans to produce in 10+ countries in the next 3-5 years, panorama’s chairman said Drishyam’s brilliant narrative has a Universal Appeal so we are going max.

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