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Thangalaan Teaser ferocious blood bath.

by Sivakumar

Chiyaan vikram; the man with commitment with no compramise to any kind role with makeover. But from past recent times are not upto the mark; where as PS 1, PS 2 are team work with a big cast and a decent movie with Cobra.

But cobra had a stunnig with 1st half, the only dissapointment was with the 2nd and madely waiting for the big comeback for vikram. This time with Thangalaan it’s going to be full-filled, recently production house dropped the teaser and it’s just killing.

With no single dialogue, Pure Realistic Raw World ” Thangalaan – Son of Gold “. Chiyaan vikram killing Makeover in a ferocious role with no fear, that snake shot in the teaser it’s shows the tribe dosen’t have any fear.

And Malavika Mohan role has something special if we look closely when she’s screaming “Waves” are shown, so might be this tribe has something special ? ?

Specially Those last two shots ( blood flowing on vikram and, glod flow under his foot ) simply superb. With no doubt this movie is going to be freaking big came back for vikram. Directed by PA Ranjith, music by GV Prakash produced by Studio green coming to cinemas from 26th Jan 2024 a pan india film.

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