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Devil and Aadhikeshava Movies Postponed.

by Sivakumar

Kalyan Ram; was given a strong comeback with Bimbisara a solid content that impressed everybody. But later with a new concept a new attempt; which was not executed properly and failed at the box office AMIGOS movie.

His upcoming movie Devil a ” British Secret Agent ” was initially planned; to release on 24th November, but it’s now postponed. Due to unfinished CG, VFX work and also music director is not available at the right moment; because he stuck to Sandeep reddy vanga animal movie. So, there were a lot of complications to come on 24th november, in that case production decided to postpone the movie and team didn’t decide the new date yet.

On the other side, sithara entertainments is one of the leading production houses with continuous hits this year so far. Their upcoming movie Aadhikesahava initially planned to release on 10th Nov, but right now they’ve decided to postpone because of India matches. Everybody’s attention will be on cricket at release weekend; there is a chance revenue will be dropped at massively, and also clash effect will be there. On the same 10th nov ( Japan, tiger 3, and jigarthanda double X ) are coming. We’ve seen at the dusshera competition, what the clash effect will be on the revenue; so they decided to postpone the movie from 10th Nov and to cinemas on 24th November.

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