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RRR Original Amount Spent For Oscar campaign

by Sivakumar

RRR; India’s pride and the first original telugu movie to own oscar in the category of Original Song. Naatu Naatu song helped a lot in the western audience for the massive reach.

In the past there were rumors; 80crores were spend on oscar campaing. Well here is the real answer, SS Karthikeya revealed. Initially they’ve started with budget of 5crores only. Later it went 3cr-4cr extra before nomination to make more interest among the audience to watch the movie.

For all the promotional campaign including paper ad’s etc. also it costed around only 8cr – 10cr. And he also clarified about the payment of seating in the oscar. Even regarding ( US $ 2500 ) this also there is a piece of news they’v spent a lot’s of lakhs to sit there in oscars.

NTR & Ram Charan were officialy invited by the acadamy. And nominees need to tell them if they need any tickets for their close people to be there. Per each ticket it would cost around ( US $ 1500 & US $ 750 ) amount will be according to the distance your are seating.

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