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NTR 30 With Massive Hollywood Technicians

by Sivakumar

NTR; keep on being silent for a long time regarding ntr 30. And that silence is very loud now. Recently on 23rd March formal pooja launch was completed. Starring NTR, Jahnvi Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan as a villain. Music by Anirudh already every body was impresed in the announcement of ntr30. The most important koratala is coming with BLOODY COME BACK.

Recently two most highly talented Hollywood technicians are board in NTR 30. Kenny Bates an action choreographer his previous works are ( Saaho, 2.O, Transformers, mission impossible etc.) They are coming up with massive-scale of ocean action sequences.

And for the VFX; this is a very big thing “Brad Minnich” who worked for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Aquaman, Super Man, The Good Lord Bird and in a telugu film Project K in progress. He is on board for ntr 30 as VFX supervisior

Therefore; the most craziest part of ntr30 is the BLOOD TANK, generally everybody uses ( blood packets or boxes ). But director koratala is using a TANK of blood in the sets this the most hyped one in the recent days.

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