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Movie Run times Locked Skanda, Mark Antony.

by Sivakumar

Producers Feeling Regarding the shitty mess created ( because of one movie postponed “Salaar” and not yet made any announcement ) every time. While they think it’s sorted, good to go and another movie postponed Chandramukhi 2 to 28th sept. Because they’re looking for a direct announcement with new release date.

Skanda movie team completed all the formalites and certified with U/A at the run time of 2Hours 47mins. Directed by boyapati, stars Rampothineni & Sreeleela music by Thaman in cinemas 28th Sep.

The best-ever release for Vishal & SJ Suryah Mark Antony with zero competition in both languages. The movie team locked a very crispy racy run time at 2Hours 30mins and certified with U/A in cinemas on 15th Sep.

Whereas skanda had a pretty good competition, if you compared with their original date 15th Sep. On 28th Skanda, Rules Ranjann, Padda Kapu & chandramukhi 2. Yes you heard is right Chandramukhi 2 postponed from 15th to 28th Sep; due to unfinished CG work.

I won’t say a tough competition; but the advantage will be greater if they take their original date with festival advantage a long weekend ahead.

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