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House Of The Dragons will have 4 seasons

by Sivakumar

House of the dragons is the prequel of the sensational globally loved series “Game Of Thrones”. The events that you are seeing in the House of the Dragons are happening before the GOT series.

Season 1 was released and left with curiosity which led to war because of renera son’s death, you can also watch it in Indian ‘south languages’ in Jio cinema 18+ and the dubbing was good, it’s hight worth watching the series. Recently HBO released the season 2 teaser, which is going to be released in 2024 summer.

Meanwhile, George R R Martin one of the screenwriters of house of the dragons series; had a deep discussion with the team regarding going forward with two more seasons (SE 3 and SE 4). And mentioned there is a lot more to cover in House of the dragons to show for the audience. The people who watched Game of thrones; can feel the connection b/w House of the Dragons and the GOT series

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