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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 14th Week Elimination

by Sivakumar

It’s the hottest week in the entire season 7 telugu for the audience and also for the contestants; moreover season 7 is getting close to an end. Pressure is getting more day by day for the housemates, to win the cup but in that process, few of them lost their character. Not even a single house mate having a peace full 😁time or moment this week; and the all seven house mates are in the nominations ( shivaji, shoba, yawar, pallavi prashanth, priyanaka, amar ).

Began with heated nominations (shivaji, yawar, arjun) nominated perfectly and defended with other housemates on points. Here comes the big rivalry for the VOTE APEAL TASK shitty behavior, over-the-board frustrations, and favorism. The cunning and characterless man amardeep; When shoba and yawar are standing at the vote boards, with no filter Amar says to Yawar- yawar shoba is my friend so I am supporting my friend and that’s it you can also do the same with no discussion; and i don’t have any problem when you vote for anybody else. When Yawar got a chance to support, other side ( Arjun and Amar ) are standing at the vote boards; without wasting time Yawar said- i’ll support to Arjun.

Here comes the cunning man; Amar telling to Arjun (vadu niku sope vesthunadu, biscuite’s, manchi ga vundadam kosam) not to believe him πŸ˜‚. Recently you just said to yawar, that when you are supporting shoba; that iam ok yawar you can also do the same. whom do you want to support, but here Amar was not able to accept that Yawar supported Arjun and making nonsense. Up next in the Ball Throw task- shoba as Sanchalak for a moment everything is cool and smooth, inside the square there are priyanak, arjun, shivaji and pallavi prashanth. When Shoba break the rules and started running towards yawar to stick the balls on his jacket at that moment fire started to blow.

There are many of them; but why did AMAR DEEP straight away targeting Prashanth and running towards him when he have a lot of options in the middle? On your left side, you have Priyanka, right side Shivaji, but you left everybody and ran to another side of the edge to out Pallavi Prashanth. That’s the reason why it went beyond bigg boss physical violence, where Amar bited pallavi prashanth at the thumb finger joint muscle; we didn’t get full visual clarity, need to see it at Saturday while nagarjuna questioning this. Not only that; when pallavi prashanth asked amar, let’s go to the medical room let’s sort this matter, literally Amardeep ragging “PP” and pushed him aggressively.

Amardeep; Not only this, from the beginning onwards till the day today; everytime targeting “PP” and trying to potrate -vely, if there is really a strong reason you can do that, but when you don’t have any reason you just need to just your mouth and give 100% GENUINE efforts in the game. Oo sorry Amar you don’t even know about the meaning of GENUINE sorry my bad πŸ™

And this SHITTY MAN, will simply defend at 100% when Narjuna questing about this; AMAR will say with the sad innocent face; Nagarjuna sir I don’t know what happen in that heated moment, I was like that sir from my childhood; I was in a trance to win the game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Hearing the same SHITTY defending answers; whenever host raises his mistakes, and more over he is not captain of the house.

He is elected captain by the bigg boss; every body knows it’s not fare, but the point is even if someone defending their nomations or speaking about something else like ( on to the face straight points ) he just say i’am the captain of the house shut your mouth and just go πŸ˜‚.

In the same Ball task, shivaji left the game in the middle because of SHOBA was sachalak and kept shouting at Priyanka to support her. Shivaji was wrong by leaving the task, at the same time SHOBA was also wrong because as a sanchalak; whether you should support all of them otherwise need to be silent. If you are solo you can support, but not as sanchalak showing favoritism here. But luck for SHOBA her real character is also out; but getting worse day by day and today, in the advertisement task Amar Deep announced Priyanaka as a wonder woman.

She was literally crying even for a fun task which is no use at all for your game no sportsmanship, she can’t take failure, she can’t take the blame that is extremely wrong from your side; mostly she won’t accept they are playing a pre-planned group game targetting housemates. And last; she is very jealous when others won tasks, vote appeal with their hard work and the funniest part, she was the contestant that needed to be eliminated one month ago when she got the least votes.

But Bigg Boss suddenly saved her with a twist that there was no elimination in that particular week, and she got saved in the following weeks. But KARMA hits back definitely; and it’s time to celebrate Shoba Shetty is eliminated from Bigg Boss Season 7 Telugu.

She will definitely realize what kind of rude behavior she was with other housemates, pre-planned groupism game before entering the bigg boss. And mainly in the entire telugu bigg boss these three (amar,shoba & priyanaka) are the only contestants will be out with purely negative impression; after watching their own videos in their homes, on that day they will realize their mistakes, what the shit we’ve done in the house.

open favorable game, no hard work, no genuine, cruel mind-set, jealously can’t take the results if someone beats you, all the time you are only right.

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