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Why 1899 Series SE 2 Was Canceled by Netflix

by Sivakumar

Barban bo Odar : Director of 1899 Series which is planned for three seasons like ( Dark Series ). Same mind bending concept streaming on netflix.

1899 series is a period mystery-science fiction television series. But unfortunately season 2 & 3 was canceled due to low viewer ship recorded for season one and loss for Netflix. The budget they spend for this series is around 60million to 65million dollars.

Watch hours are most important for any kind of series to gain more money in the first 25/28days only. After a month long run will not be helpful for ott platforms to gain money huge. but this series didn’t even crossed 300 million watch hours.

For a film it’s awesome but when it comes to television series it needs more. Therefore; Netflix losses around half or more than that of budget they’ve spend on the film.

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