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Two Movies Postponed Because of Eagle Movie.

by Sivakumar

Sankranthi 2024; the biggest clash like never before in tollywood with lot’s of movies. Initially the list was Guntur Kaaram, Hanuman, Eagle, Naa Sami Ranga, Ayalaan, Laal Salan, Captain Miller, and family star.

As the release getting closer Laal Salam and Family Star dropped from the sankranthi race, and remaining all of them started promotions released the trailers also. The main problem for Sankranthi releases, more than 3 movies it will be very tough to allocate the theaters for remaining movies; So someone should withdraw from the sankranthi race. As the release is getting closer within a week, due to the Lack of theaters for Eagle movie as they didn’t get enough theaters what they expected. So they decided to postponed from the Sankranthi race.

Initially in the producer’s meeting; if any of the film from the Sankranthi race optioned to withdraw from the clash, they promised to give a solo release for them as per their wish on which date they wanted. In this scenario Film Chamber with the cooperation of producers, for eagle movie as per the producer asked Feb 9th to release their film “SOLO RELEASE”; meanwhile previously announced Ooru Peru Bhairavakona and Tillu Square will be postponed from the 9th February, they have to look for new dates.

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