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Swayambhu First Look Nikhil Siddharth.

by Sivakumar

Nikhil Siddharth; The man with constantely coming up with different genre movies, which is not possible for many heroes. And Maybe he might be the next big thing in tollywood if we look at this first look & his lineup.

Swayambhu is a fantasy action adventure of a Young warrior going for pan india release. The first look was pretty good with the perfect costume as a warrior & long hair. Which is surprising for every body to see him in complete new avatar; because nobody expected this. Directed by Bharat Krishnamachari recent work ( Cobra Writer ) & Manoj Paramahamsa as DOP recent work ( Leo, Radhe Shyam & beast ) Music by Ravi Basur. Everything looks fantastic & promising in all the aspects for this project except one.

Ravi Basur work after KGF, didn’t satisfy at all in all his recent projects ( kabzaa, Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, Martin, Chatrapathi etc). If you look closely all his work in these movies looks very similar nothing fresh, needs to take care a lot about music. In some movies for example, if the ongoing scenes are dull & not impactful on the screen, the BGM will help a lot to elevate and compensate that dull scenes. That’s how the magic works & importance of the BGM.

Note : If NIKHIL SIDDHARTH bangs back to back 100crores with ( Spy, The India House, Swayambhu & Karthikeya 3 ). Will be in the top league for sure with his consistent success & for a long waiting achievement. The concepts are unique, genres are different every movie is fresh if you even compared to the other one. Let’s see how it goes will he bang it or not ???

But there is a small complaint from the audience on Nikhil; like why he is going with all mystery genres movies 😅

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