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SSMB 28 OTT Deal Price and Release Gap.

by Sivakumar

Mahesh babu: the upcoming Global big thing after 28th movie, with SSMB29 directed by rajamouli. But fans are hugely disappointed with Message oriented movies constently even with SVP.

But we need to see this time with SSMB28 how it’s gonna be, but sources say that. It’s is commerical entertainer with all Spices. Before the release of SSMB28, Gaint Streaming platform Netflix bought the Digital Rights for 81crores. After the theaterical release of the movie, it will be available after 50 days “according to the agreement” deal they signed.

Therefore; Currently shooting is in progress ‘Action Block’ in this schedule Jagapathi babu is alos included. First schedule will be completed this week and immediatly 2nd schedule will begun the non-stop shooting will go till the march end.

Enjoy the space for more genuine information.

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Ratpaccheck fansrey Wednesday, 29 March 2023, 9:33 pm - 9:33 pm

Bro Is #SSMB28 update tomorrow?


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