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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu 11th Week Elimination

by Sivakumar

What a dumb nominations this week, especially master mind Sivaji influenced Rathika cleverly 😂 and she just became for a sudden ‘Arundhathi’ in the nominations; and few contestants’ nomiations are good, and few are just dumb with over screaming.

The biggest and most shocking move by starmaa/biggboss team; don’t know why, they are more curious to give opportunities to Rathika. In the immunity task; everybody had very long discussions and finally took their stands from 1-10, rathika at 10th position: and cleverly Bigg Bss team said, this is ulta/pulta season. So, the last five positions who are standing, they’ve got the opportunity for the Immunity task; this is the 2nd time the BB team has showered their love on rathika.
The first time you already know; that when eliminated contestants entered the house (rathika, dhamini,Shuba sree) ‘nagarjuna/bbteam’ given an opportunity; pick one of them to enter again into the house.

Here also repeated the same one; the least votes got for rathika and BB saying this is ulta/putla, we are not giving opportunity, to who got highest votes. So least votes got rathika will enter the house for the 2nd time 🫠😏.

And bigg boss gave some interesting tasks for ‘eviction pass’ yawar gave the best fight and achieved it and for the captaincy task; what a nonsense unnecessarily over screaming behaviour from. Amar: 🤣🤣 why can’t he understand it’s just a task 🤣🤣; but sadly he couldn’t able to defend the rock more taller than Priyanka. There is one more favorite candidate for Bigg boss, day by day getting worse than ever with her over-attitude behavior SHOBA; the audience has been waiting for her elimination for a very long time but; this time also saved by the team cleverly.

Nominated contestants are ( shoba, gautham, ashwini, priyanka, rathika, arjun and yawar ); biggboss/starmaa wanted to extend more weeks this season that’s they cleverly decided that, this week there is no elimination all nominated contestants are in safe zone.

But the voting polls results; this is what the audience has been waiting for a very long time, Shoba got the least votes from the audience and she is the one to be eliminated but now; the BB team decided to extend more weeks and also decided; there is no elimination in the 11th week. is this coincidence are perfectly planning by the BB team???

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Reena Sunday, 19 November 2023, 5:03 pm - 5:03 pm

Rathika should eliminate this week she is a stick in the house

Manjunatha Monday, 20 November 2023, 6:47 pm - 6:47 pm

Shivaji Should eleminate this week.bcz he is playing ( shakuni:Mahabharata)role in bigg boss


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