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Shaakunthalam movie Postponed because due to.

by Sivakumar

Samantha is back after Yashoda with decent good success. But this time it’s seems like after watching the content, the movie completely depended on samantha ( lady oriented ). However; the content which was released till now it was just like a serial picture with glamour.

Right now in bollywood market, The king Sharukh is back with Pathaan and the craze of the film is not at all getting down. That’s why Karthik Aryan also postponed, Allu Arjun AVP remake ( Shehzada ) movie to 17th Feb which was initially planned to release on 10th feb.

Because of Shehzada; unfortunately samantha “Shakunthalam” postponed from 17th Feb due to lack of theaters and pathaan craze other side. And also every industry first of all they support their movie first in theaters count.

Being a pan india movie it definitely need theaters. So, Due to all these complications Shakunthalam Postponed from 17th feb.

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