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Ravi Teja Charging 15cr For Half Hour Role

by Sivakumar

After RRR Movie, this is one the most awaited to see two big stars on the screen. Raviteja is playing a brother role beside Chiranjeevi in the mega 154 movie.

Recently, shruthi hassan joined the sets. Ravi Teja is going to join the sets latest this week, and the actor allotted ’30-50 days’ to complete his portion of the film.

For 30-50 days, ravi teja is charging a whooping amount of 15cr. And the role will be around half-hour in the film.

Audience are going mad about this combination. How the movie out come would be. The ‘BGM’ music, makeover and of course both the stars screen presence on the screen. Mainly ‘Audience’ are looking for exstream mass elevation, for their heros. and let’s hope the director bobby gives a big treat for the audience. What they expected?

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Latheef Monday, 11 July 2022, 6:02 pm - 6:02 pm

Amount will be given for the importance of role not for the overall duration of the actor in the film


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