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Rajinikanth in -Ve Shade from Lokesh Kanagraj.

by Sivakumar

We all know Rajinikanth is collaborating with Lokesh Kanagaraj after his Thalaivar 170 movie directed by Gnanavel; currently shooting in progress at mumbai, stars in the movie ‘Rana, Fahadh fassil, Rithika singh, amitabh bachchan & manju warrier.

The combination scenes between Rajinikanth and Amitabh bachcham are happening, Rajinikanth his part of the role shoot will be completed in two months. And currently the backlash of Lokesh Kanaraja regarding LEO ( forced LCU about leo, 2nd half fake flashback, etc….. a lot of mess happened to cover the loopholes), he has taken all the feedback positively.

Leaving social media and focusing on the complete story/writing of his next project with Rajinikanth. Moreover; in a recent media interaction he revealed, I love to see Rajinikanth sir in -ve shade since my childhood. I gotta chance now I’ll try to bring -ve shades in Thalaivar171 ” Villainism “. It’s getting more interesting now, from very long time we’ve didn’t seen rajinikanth in avatar and now in lokesh kanagaram film we are going to witness somthing fresh with villainism.

Shoot will begin from march or april 2024 and the release date of the film will be given only after completing the entire shoot. It’s going to monster attacking on theaters when the film is released; because with average content like Jailer movie ( rajinikanth him self said jailer is average content ). So with average like jailer banged 600crores, the comination with lokesh kanagaraj is sky is the limit now; lets hope this time no more mess should not repeat like what we’ve seen in leo.

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