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Puri To Compensate & Vijay Returns 6crores

by Sivakumar

Liger: Biggest disaster in 2022 and the loss is bigger than acharya’s movie. For Warangal Srinu who bought the rights for both films (liger, acharya) approximately the loss is around 100crores.

Therefore; Puri Jagannadh going to meet (he is also one of the producers) distributors in Hyderabad to talk about the losses and compensate some of the amounts ( 30% t0 40% ) to them. In the Meanwhile; Vijay Devarakonda returns his “six crores remuneration from his side as a compensation”. Keeping the Liger result in the mind and decided to shelve JGM (Jana Gana Mana) movie. It has completed just a bit of portion like 5% that’s it.

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