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PawanKalyan stopped Shooting For all his films

by Sivakumar

Pawan Kalyan; decided to serve the people and begin very actively in politics, but he wasn’t able to adjust the time to shoot for his current films.

Producers are also very well known, with the current situation of Pawan Kalyan and having mutual understandings. In the meantime; Pawan Kalyan decided to pause the shoot, of all his films and focus on the upcoming elections.

You all know the Telangana elections are very close to your doorstep; and soon Andhra Pradesh will be facing a never-before election fire in 2024. So Pawan Kalyan has decided to be very active in politics, until the andhra pradesh elections are over, to give his best effort this time, so pawan kalyan will join the shoot in 2024 after the election results. But one producer will be facing high financial trouble, HHVM producer Rathnam it’s been 3 years since the project started; due to covid, everything got messed up.

And pawan kalyan began very active in politics since a year; not fitting a perfect time to complete the shoot, a lot of things changed decided to complete the remake projects first and other projects lacking behind. Not only the producer, director Krish’s time is also wasted by a big margin; when pawan kalyan gets back to shoot hope gives the first preference to HHVM and goes for an immediate release.

The balance portion to shoot for his current films; Hari Hara Veera Mallu 50% balence, OG Movie a foreign schedule, Ustad Bhagath Sighn just completed a 20 days Schedule.

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