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Pawan Kalyan On a Diet For This Movie.

by Sivakumar

Pawan Kalyan; everything is going fine expect Vinodha Sitham pooja cermoney and shooting. It’s getting postponed so many times need to see when they are going to lock a single date.

Well; right now Pawan Kalyan is on a Diet for his upcoming movie remake Vinodha Sitham to look silm in the movie. Right now the plan is to begun the shoot in the last of february. But it may or may not happen because the team is not having a clarity what they are doing because of posptonting lot of times.

And the Hari Hara Veera Mallu shooting going in a good phase and planning to release 2023 Dussehra. Moreover; planes are being made to release first in 2023 is Vinodha Sitham. Because it’s a remake dosen’t need a lot of time to make the product, even our pawan kalyan role is not lengthy a one.

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