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Netflix Given a Big Shock To Lal Salaam

by Sivakumar

The stars, including Rajinikanth, emerged after several efforts and overcame barriers one by one. He endured adversity and humiliation on his way from bus conductor to superstar. Despite his wealth, he did not provide a stable existence for his children, nor could he make them as famous as he became in his career. Rajinikanth had two daughters, Soundarya Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rajinikanth, both successful in their own fields but unable to achieve the same level of success as their father.

Following the success of the hit film “Jailer,” Rajinikanth decided to produce another movie for his daughter. Featuring action-packed scenes with Vishnu Vishal in the lead role, Kapil Dev and Jeevitha Rajasekhar made guest appearances. Despite a promising story, the film received negative reviews due to technical issues like editing mistakes. Aishwarya, in an interview, acknowledged the flaws but remained hopeful for the success of “Lal Salaam.”

Although two months have passed since its release, the film changed its OTT release date twice. Netflix acquired the digital rights, as stated by Aishwarya in an interview, but it has yet to be released on any OTT platform. She emphasized that, netflix mentioned; the 21-day footage is available, the film would be released on OTT platforms; otherwise, they would wait. There is no news about the film’s release on OTT platforms yet. However, even if it is released, the revenue might be minimal.

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