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Marvel Avengers Original Cast is Back ?

by Sivakumar

Marvel; the most successfull franchise golbally. From 2012 – 2019 the ” Avengers ” ( The Avengers, Age of ultron, infinity war and end game ). All the parts are been success full by each part increasing hype with perfect content sastisfaction and the last inifinty war and engame are of it’s kind movies in our entire life.

But later the next movies are not that upto the mark except Spiderman, doctor stranger, black panther, Gardians of the gallaxy. They’ver good but not upto the mark of Marvel exceptations what they’v wanted. Later thor in 2022, She Hulk and now The Marvels in 2023 bookings at worst like never before.

So with no guilt or ego Marvel realized their downfall in what they’ve planned for theatrical releases in ” Upcoming Films ” and the under-performance of recent ones. The team had internal meetings to bring the “ORIGINAL CAST” back including dead characters ( iron man, black widow ) also, but didn’t take a final call on this yet. We need wait for this yet…. is this a good idea really, because initinity war and end game are perfect ending for avengers; including iron man and black widow.

It seems like; marvel JUICE is over to sustain in theaterical business ” as of now ” with current characters and right now they are good in ott content with Loki and moon night series.

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