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Maa Oori Polimera Part 2 Gets a release date.

by Sivakumar

Maa Oori polimera; one of the best investigative thriller with a surprise element of BLACK MAGIC. In a small village know for black magic a police officer investigates his brother’s mystery murder.

One of the best climax twist and lot’s of people egarly waiting for the part two. Recently we’v seen Polimera 2 teaser absoulte horrifying stunning visuals and also included new characters. In the meanwhile: movie team locked 2nd November to release the movie in the theaters.

Due to various reasons part 1 goes for a DIRECT OTT; but yet grabbed to very good response from the audience. And this time they are not opting for direct ott, straingth away coming to the theaters only. If you didn’t watced yet right now streaming on hotstar NOTE it’s 18+.

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