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Lokesh KanagaRaj And Ram Charan Movie

by Sivakumar

Let’s take a deep dive into, Lokesh kanagaraj and Ram Charan’s Movie. Lokesh kanagaraj: Cinematic Universe, was the Hot top on social media right now. It all began with Vikram Part 2 which was on 3rd June. Everybody seen in the movie, Lokesh kanagaraj revealed the cross-over between, Vikram and Kaithi and the fans went beyond the imagination [ hallucination ]. Because; if Lokesh kanagaraj doing a movie with any hero in the film industry. Automatically fans were creating an [ hallucination ] imagination. And connecting threads linking the new movie with Previous movies like Vikram and Kaithi.

Even though nobody knows the Ram Charan movie’s story. Not even released the first look, the trailer or the movie is not yet released in theaters.

Same Here For Ram Charan and Thalapathy 66. Fans were going into hallucination, and connecting the movies without any content released yet. Anyways Ram Charan and Lokesh kanagaraj’s movie is LOCKED. And the movie begins only after Thalapathy 67, Kaithi 2, and vikram3.

Mainly there is a Special movie with Suriya Working Tittle as [ irumbu Kai Mayavi ]. you can see a poster down here.

So, there were lots of projects pending. And Nobody knows when the Ram Charan project will be taking off. But stupidly don’t think this will also be a part of a cinematic universe. Let the few contents get released later we can decide, Whether is this a part of Lokesh kanagaraj cinematic universe or Not. Don’t forget to check the latest video down here.

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