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Leo 2 Parts : What’s happening ?

by Sivakumar

Leo; one of the most hyped movie in tamil as well as in telugu. Lokesh kanagaraj created LCU ( lokesh cinematic universe ) with vikram & kaithi. In vikram with suriya cameo it went beyond craze all over in telugu it was just mad.

And everybody egarly waiting for Leo; whether it will be in Lcu or not because fans expecting Kamal hassan, suriya, karthi & thalapathy vijay in a single frame. Where; as Leo will have an open ending in the format of lokesh kanagaraj from Maanagaram movie to recent Vikram which leads to a sequel.

There is nothing to shock here; because every lokesh film if you watched it will have a open ending like u can make sequel.

So; leo will have 2 parts and it will be in LCU also with no confussion. In the meanwhile movie team is right now in the kashmir a 7 days schedule of patch work to complete.

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