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Killing Screen Presence On The Way to Nani.

by Sivakumar

Nani : After his rugged mass avatar with Dasara movie, and his upcoming film HI NANNA a feel good entertainer. He is back with another different genre an ( Action Entertainer ) with Vivek Athrey their second collaboration after Antesundharaniki.

The movie untittled as NANI 31, the pooja will be held on 24th Oct and surprise on 23rd. Stars Nani, Priyanka mohan will be seeing this combination after Gang Lead and SJ Suryah as Villain. SJ Suryah, looking at his previous movies preformance he’s just purely dominating the screen with his killing performance what ever could be the role.

Very much promosing cast and looking forward for this project, how Vivek is going to shape out this.

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