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Kamal Haasan On Kalki 2898, Indian2, Thug Life

by Harsha Gogisetty

Kamal Haasan revealed fascinating information regarding his involvement in a number of forthcoming projects in a recent interview. Kamal Haasan has confirmed that the filming of “Indian 2” and “Indian 3” is now complete. The emphasis will now be on post-production for “Indian 2” before going on to the release process for “Indian 3.”

Kamal Haasan also revealed and said that I’ve done a GUEST ROLE in “Kalki 2898 AD.”

Mani Ratnam’s highly awaited movie, “Thug Life,” began shooting after the election campaign.
Logistical reasons necessitated postponing the Serbia schedule for “Thug Life” to accommodate the completion of election campaign activities, thus requiring a timeline change.

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