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James Gunns DCU Slate Announcement is Out.

by Sivakumar

We all know that; DC Studios James Gunns rebooted completely and beginning from the scratch. Here we go the complete list of first quarter slate from DC and the 2nd Quarter will be coming in Sep DC Fandom Event 2023.

DC Chapter One : God’s and monsters

The Batman 2 Titled as ( THE BATMAN – PART 2 ) in cinemas 3rd October 2025.

A New “Batman” movie ( THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD ) will be focusing on Damian Wayne as Robin and Bruce is at works in DC. And they will also feture other members of Batfamily besided Damian Wayne as robin.

Super Man Titled as ( SUPERMAN : LEGACY ) which will featuring a young character in cinemas 11th July 2025.

SWAMP THING : Genre Horror the movie is at works in DC.

GREEN LANTERN : TV Series will be focusing on Jon Stewart, Hal Jordan is at works in DC. This series will play a very big major role in the main story, that they were telling across our film and television and a very important show for DC.

Super Girl Titled as ( SUPER GIRL : WOMAN OF TOMORROW ) is at works in DC.

BOOSTER GOLD : Tv Series is at Works in DC.

A Spinoff Series Titled ( WALLER ) is at works with Viola Davis which includes the some of the cast in PeaceMaker. This series is in the between of Season 1 and 2.

PARADISE LOST : It is a prequel of ( WONDER WOMAN ) will be focusing on Themyscira before Diana is born. This prequel series follows a super ruthless, Themyscira and centers around different Amazons trying to secure the throne all before Diana is ever born.

THE AUTHORITY : film is at works in DC.

CREATURE COMMANDOS : Animated TV Series is at works in DC ( James Gunn is writing this series ).

SUPERMAN & LOIS : will be continuing for one or two more seasons.

A part from these James Gunns mentioned, an actor can’t more than a role in DC, but recently Jason Momoa teased may be i can play one more character.

UpComing DCU Films.

Superman : Legacy

Super Girl Woman of Tomorrow

The Brave and The Bold

Swamp Thing

The Authority

Upcoming DCU Sereis :-


Paradise Lost


Booster Gold

Creature Cammandos

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