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Jai Hanuman : Hanuman 2 Prasanth Varma Started

by Sivakumar

Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe is in the first phase of superhero film; recently in this big franchise, the first film came out titled HANU-MAN.

Hanuman released on 11th jan 2024 with special premiers from evening 6pm onwards; and open up with a block-buster talk unanimously. And beaten all the remaining three films in sankranthi competition (guntur kaara, saindhav, naa sami ranga) and collected over 200 crores and still counting. As the director prasanth varma mentioned in the end credits, that will come up with a second part titled [Jai Hanuman] in 2025; as they begin their initial pre-production works from today, the story is also ready and giving a final touch before they began the shooting.

In this second installment JAI HANUMAN, we will witness the majority portion in the film is REAL GOD HANUMAN; a noted actor will be the real god Hanuman role. Whereas Teja Sajja as Hanumanthu super hero character remains the same; and will continue with god hanuman in the second installment.

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