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If Eagle team Repeats Same Mistake loss is sure.

by Sivakumar

Recently Dasara Festival 2023 became some advantage for 2 films and disadvantage was more for Tiger nageswara rao. If the same mistakes repeat for Eagle, then team should be ready for a mighty loss.

When we are going for a competition; that to on a late release 20th Tiger Nageswara rao & the remainig both ( Leo & bhagavanth ) on 19th obiously theater screens and audience choose of a film impact will be there for a late release film.

The only thing we can do that audience should must give preference to our film among other films; must do impactfull promotions from start to till the release. For Dasara all releases, results are similar response-wise, every film had 2nd half problem.

Leo with thin line in 2nd half leo / parthiban yes or no, bhagavanth kesari 1st half with one story line and 2nd half turns into another story with biggboss women cards the same message we’ve seen several times. And tiger nagesawara rao fight for their right dragged to an extent were audience can’t bear.

But tiger Nageswara after the slight runtime cut the damage control was fixed just a bit, but the damage was already done at max. The biggest problem Tiger Nageswara Rao made, that didn’t took promotions seriously for a pan india film ” Creating Huge buzz in the Audience, AN IMPACT FULL PROMOTIONS “. For every film songs are major plus for creating buzz, but here it’s zero in all languages didn’t even created a bit. That’s the reason why tiger got very less response in other languages, even in north they’ve done promotions but content needs to created buzz then our interactions will be a huge plus.

Later the teaser/trailer are not up to the mark, it means if tiger had a solo release it’s enough, but if you are coming with a clash that to a late release; you need to give (content) instant goosbumps for the audience to give your film a first pick.

The team realized their mistakes; that why they trimmed the runtime and done a couple of interviews after that also. But damage is done u can’t come over it. And coming to Eagle, the same situation is repeating for raviteja; this time it’s a bigger competition with more films for sankranthi 2024.

Answer is same; but hard time is Eagle is out and out Action entertainer, for sankranthi families prefer for commercial films. Even though our film should be the first pick of audience choice, the mistake happed for Tiger should not repeat here. Note; other films Hanuman, Guntur kaaram already created buzz which impact full, the other films yet to start.

These terms apply to all Sankranthi films not only Eagle; the films which are coming for Sankranthi from now onwards each and every content it could be poster, song, teaser, or trailer should be 100% promising no matter what and the audience must be loved it. Promotions with impactful buzz in the audience, the films that are doing this, and satisfying the audience those films are the first pick for the audience.

Moreover; those film sales the huge tickets with Sankranthi holidays advantage will be in the 1st place in sankranthi race. The rest of the films will be behind and you know what kind of damage will be. let’s see which of those movie teams are going to take it serious ?

Right now; audience choose of film order ( Guntur Kaaram, Hanuman & dil raju will hold screens for his own film Family Star). Remaining depends on the terms which applied at the top and also most importent theater screens. Dil raju once said; for sakranthi we can handle three films with no burden in distibuting screens but films are coming for sankranthi….

Guntur kaaram, Hanuman, Family Star ( Dilraju producer ), Eagle, Saindhav, Naa Sami Ranga, Ayalaan telugu dub, Laal Salam rajinikanth cameo role ( yet to know if they dub in telugu or not ) list as of now.

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