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Ganja Seized at Neetu Bai in Nanakramguda

by Harsha Gogisetty

Neetu Bai was taken into custody by the Cyberabad Special Operation Team (SOT) on Thursday; March 14 at Nanakramguda during a targeted operation.

In Nanakramguda, Hyderabad, the Cyberabad Special Operation Team (SOT) managed to seize and detain a large-scale ganja dealer. Neetu Bai; the accused, was reportedly running an illegal business that served to both residents and software engineers in the neighborhood.

Twenty kilograms of ganja and an enormous amount of money; totaling twenty lakhs were seized as a result of the operation.

The NDPS Act has been examined in order to learn more about her role; and the network that supports her activities. neetu Bai’s family; has also been shown to have been involved in the illegal trade for a considerable amount of time.

The Cyberabad SOT’s successful operation against the Nanakramguda ganja dealer is evidence of their diligence and will to fight drug-related crimes.

This arrest emphasizes how crucial it is for authorities and local residents to work together to create a safer environment for all locals.

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