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Game Changer New Schedule Begins on this date.

by Sivakumar

It’s a night mare for fans espescially and for audience what’s just happing in the production house with out any updates. Directed by Shankar, stars Ram Charan & Kiara Advani produced by Dilraju music by Thaman.

Game Changer; is getting closer to a complete wrap-up. The new schedule begins from 13th September Ram Charan will be a part of this. Recently; in the previous schedule action + talki part completed with SJ Suryah, and Srikanth. A major highlight of the entire movie is for the visuals of the songs movie spend over 50+crores for all the songs.

You can easly add 10crores for each song for the visuals, shankar is very known to give the best visuals for the songs. Planning to release the movie in 2024; but didn’t yet locked any date, because Shankar will only decied after the release of Indian 2 2024 summer.

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