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Game Changer Movie First Song Release.

by Sivakumar

Game Changer; the most costliest project for Dil Raju till now on his banner directed by Shankar.

Currently, shoot going on at the Hyderabad talki part, entire shoot will be completed by next year February. Till now director shankar managed both of his movies “Indian 2 and Game Changer” parallelly giving a little gap to shoot both the movies.

Currently, indian 2 dubbing is going on; on the other side Game Changer first single is getting ready to release on Dussehra. But we don’t know yet it will be a fresh song or the leaked once. Regarding the release of GameChanger; don’t even think about the release date, the first prority is Indian 2. After indian 2 released then only Game changer will have a release, till then we need to wait.

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